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February 15-21, 2009
A report from the CIROC Secretary Faith Marie Fonacier de Guzman. Download the PDF file?here.


Word's Week

  • scurvy
    adjective: Mean or contemptible. noun: A disease caused by vitamin C deficiency, characterized by swollen and bleeding gums, bleeding under the skin, and weakness.
  • apoplectic
    1. Extremely angry. 2. Relating to or affected by apoplexy (stroke).
  • jaundiced
    1. Exhibiting prejudice from envy or resentment. 2. Having jaundice: a disease marked by unnatural yellowness of the skin, white of the eyes, etc., caused by an increase of bile pigments in the blood.
  • metastasize
    1. To spread or escalate in an undesirable manner. 2. (Of a cancer) To spread to other parts of the body.